How to Measure Teachers' Acceptance of AI-driven Assessment in eLearning: A TAM-based Proposal


The use of AI is becoming a growing reality the educational field. One of the activities in which it is beginning to be implemented is the assessment of student achievement. This way, we can find in the literature an increasing number of investigations focused on the possibilities offered by the adoption of AI-driven assessment. However, the use of AI is also a source of concern that raises suspicions in some sectors of our society. In this context, knowing the position of the teachers towards this topic is critical to guarantee the successful development of the field. This paper intends to fill a research gap in the literature by offering a technology adoption model based on TAM to study the factors that condition the use of AI-driven assessment among teachers. To present this model we offer a background on the use of AI in education and the technology acceptance among teachers, as well as the definition of the eight constructs and the relational hypotheses included. Finally, the possibilities of the model and future lines of research are discussed.

TEEM'19. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality