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(2019). Qiskit: An Open-source Framework for Quantum Computing.


(2018). Analyzing the software architectures supporting HCI/HMI processes through a systematic review of the literature. Telematics and Informatics, 38, 118-132.

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(2018). On data-driven systems analyzing, supporting and enhancing users' interaction and experience. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Salamanca, 2018.


(2018). Proposing a Machine Learning Approach to Analyze and Predict Employment and its Factors. International Journal of Interactive Multimedia & Artificial Intelligence, 5(2), 39-45.

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(2018). A Deep-Learning-Based Proposal to Aid Users in Quantum Computing Programming. In International Conference on Learning and Collaboration Technologies. HCI International 2018. Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Learning and Teaching (pp. 421-430). Springer, Cham.

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(2018). How Different Versions of Layout and Complexity of Web Forms Affect Users After They Start It? A Pilot Experience. In World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies. WorldCIST 2018. Trends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologies (pp. 971-979). Springer, Cham.

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(2018). Empleabilidad de los titulados universitarios en España. Proyecto OEEU. Education in the Knowledge Society (EKS), 19(1), 21-39.


(2018). Barómetro de empleabilidad y empleo universitarios. Edición Máster 2017. Observatorio de Empleabilidad y Empleo Universitarios, 2018.


(2018). Developing a Research Method to Analyze Visual Literacy Based on Cross-Cultural Characteristics. Global Implications of Emerging Technology Trends (pp. 19-33). IGI Global.

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(2018). Enabling Adaptability in Web Forms Based on User Characteristics Detection Through A/B Testing and Machine Learning. IEEE Access, 6, 2251-2265.



January 2018 – Present
Yorktown Heights, NY, USA / Remote

Senior Software Engineer

IBM Research AI & Quantum

January 2017 – July 2017
Salamanca, Spain

Teaching assistant. Human-Computer Interaction

Computer Science Department. University of Salamanca

September 2013 – December 2017
Salamanca, Spain

Software engineer & researcher

GRIAL Research Group. University of Salamanca

March 2012 – December 2012
Salamanca, Spain

Software engineer

Service of Professional Insertion, Practices and Employment, University of Salamanca

May 2011 – September 2011
Salamanca, Spain

Intern. Testing Factory

Ingeniería de Software Avanzado (INSA)